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i have a weird thing where i need to get my web site done before i can finish a batch of work. been like this for years; i build a website out of consideration for the ideas in my head / projects i am doing in real life, and then from there consider the architecture / what will be the best way to present the work, while also showcasing everything from before.

i’ve got about 8 oil paintings nearly finished right now, with another 5 in some stage of progress. i also have two substantial text-based projects coming up, one beginning this week, but i can’t really finish them until i put a bow on all the rest of this; really just the front page and some assorted details.

this is all to say i have a more functional relationship with my processes of making things than i have with any other human, probably not a great thing, but possibly good for my choice to move to LA

a question

maybe it’s just my fondness of the interrobang, but this seems like one of those quirky marks that at least would have existed at some point

side note: “SquaresVille,” lol

Driving through Los Feliz today en route to Blue Rooster & see a BLM protest on the corner. There’s a Say Her Name sign and a cop is waving at me to drive through the intersection.

So I’m beginning to wonder Holy shit did somebody just get shot while maneuvering through the intersection when the opposite corner reveals itself: not a row of riot cops, but a film crew.

Whatever this was for, the sort of revisionist-history-as-it-happens we’re going through is nauseating. Like, the fact is there could (and likely will) be a BLM protest for an unwarranted death means we probably shouldn’t be staging them.

loss accumulated by movement is modern American art

perhaps you were right

I’ve grown too
to my traditions

once again


Colin Smith is an interdisciplinary artist & art director living & working in Los Angeles. His assembly-based work focuses on human nature and its relationship to media, language, time, and systems of control.

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