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“The Routes We Wander”

coming up with names for my favorite driving / meditation routes. so far “the south carolina” and “batmobile.”

i’m in a strange creative spot where part of me wants to take this time and do some kind of grand task (that isn’t book-related) while waiting out the rest of the pandemic, and the other part of me is so infuriated / saddened at how the past 12 months have been living in this country that i want to contribute absolutely nothing to any concept of productivity out of spite to whatever metrics it throws off and so i end up tracing highways on google maps.

then i realize it doesn’t matter either way and shit gets real dark, so i go for one of these drives


Colin Smith is an interdisciplinary artist & art director living & working in Los Angeles. His assembly-based work focuses on human nature and its relationship to media, language, time, and systems of control.

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