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Turn on NPR for an easy Saturday morning and it takes one sentence before I’m reaching for anxiety pills.

Coming up, former Clinton and Obama economist Larry Summers argues why we don’t want to make the Biden Coronavirus relief bill too big…

Like, for one, let’s stop putting this asshat on the air at all. The dude is basically a climate change denier of economics. Second, the fact that coverage of pandemic relief (which is limited in time allotted) gets focused on an old rich white guy whose practices of capitalism are at the fault of all this hellish state response, and not at all on literally anyone who it actually affects, is just as much a reporting crime.

This is what happens when celebrity culture infects the news, where a big name is the hook of a story instead of the story itself. And given this story is a massive global crisis and we’re talking about making sure we don’t give people enough money to live on, I don’t see why anyone would give two shits about what Larry Summers thinks.


Colin Smith is an interdisciplinary artist & art director living & working in Los Angeles. His assembly-based work focuses on human nature and its relationship to media, language, time, and systems of control.

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