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“Winning Hearts and Minds”

I remember after Obama was sworn in how suddenly the liberals I knew were thinking a lot more “pragmatically” about foreign policy, and people who were “anti-war” began shrugging off the broken promises of closing Guantanamo Bay or fighting for actual universal health care.

Given the hell the Bush administration was, it was my first real shell-shock to realize that a substantial amount of people only care about their team winning, not about the game being played. Most of these people weren’t anti-war, they were pro-trend (which, given liberalism’s need for cultural dominance in order to maintain legitimacy, makes sense).

It is absolutely terrifying me what people are about to forget to care about next, given Biden is basically Trump without the bombast and the VP is a fucking cop.


Colin Smith is an interdisciplinary artist & art director living & working in Los Angeles. His assembly-based work focuses on human nature and its relationship to media, language, time, and systems of control.

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