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“The Rule”

There’s all this debate echoing through the liberal sphere in an attempt to answer some version of How did we get to this point? in regards to people storming the Capitol building. & there’s certainly much to be said in regards to how this all came about.

But while these discussions always include questions about what the people who follow Trump believe and how they got to that point, I feel there’s an equally valid question in regards to who still believes in the United States. Like, I’m more fascinated by people who see US institutions and think, Yes, these are the things that should lead us into the future.

Granted, it’s equally terrifying that any other modern entity of power (some tech or communications company) would exert control over people, so I guess we’re all stuck living out what I am convinced is the dumbest fucking timeline possible, watching racist idiots livestream a cosplay revolution while the sky is on fire.

Still, it seems that without some processed reorganization of how things functionally govern society, there will be a forced one in the not-too-distant-future, by one side or another.




Colin Smith is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. His assembly-based work focuses on human nature and its relationship to media, language, time, and systems of control.