Going in to 2021, I think what worries me second-most is how people associate time so much with these names and numbers we’ve cooked up that they’ll just be desperate to forget everything about 2020 instead of learn from it and change things.

This is usually what I worry about most every year; but not this year.

The thing about the United States, the media, and those in power is that even when there has been a substantial divide between those with and those without, the internet hasn’t been there to just put it all in everyone’s face. This feels very much like 2008, when the government used a financial crisis to prop up big banks, now they’re using a health crisis, and meanwhile the people are being left to rot.

& I don’t think they are going to take it anymore—at this point, we’re through the looking glass, and everyone is on their own in America. There will be no sentiment of unity that will ever make this country actually feel it. This sort of break in the subconscious of an entire nation, right as all indicators point to massive economic fallout from late capitalism crashing into a pandemic, is probably going to get much worse before it gets better.

& this wouldn’t be an issue with a more socialist state, one that had taken care of its people and made us feel like we’re taking on a global crisis both together as a nation and a world. Sometimes I think of how this pandemic could have unified everyone, except instead very obvious self-interests boiled over, likely dooming humanity for another hundred year cycle of misery until the next event that could change shit comes along.