one thing i’m going to be watching for over the next six months is the psychological recognition of and reaction to a whole swath of americans who have routinely ignored the reporting of casualties of united states imperialism become the same ignored people-are-just-numbers groups. right now, we’re seeing this take place in oregon with mass displacement, homelessness, loss of life and poor air quality.

the media has everything to do with this, in the scale of reporting never accurately represents the scale of an incident. federal troops occupying one square block of portland–a fairly small city, all things considered–garners national attention for a month (as well as public outcry). but half of a state swallowed by flames in the course of days and it’s just a mention on the NPR talking points.

this facade culture that is fueled by consumerism and advertising has overtaken news, as the content of ideas or incidents are ignored but their criticisms are platformed for debate. the complete deflection of discourse into what ultimately doesn’t matter and has no path to effecting actual change is the easiest way for those in power to maintain it.

really is no wonder people are losing their minds these days.